Vlone is a luxurious clothing brand that was launched in 2011, in New York by rappers ASAP Rocky and ASAP Bari in collaboration with CLOT’s Edison Chen. Before we jump to the meaning behind this logo and the symbolism of this streetwear brand let’s first get into the history of Vlone.

History of Vlone

Vlone clothing b brand was founded by a group of rappers and fashion entrepreneurs including ASAP Bari, Ian Connor, ASAP K, Playboy Carti, and ASAP Rocky. Vlone has its origin in Harlem, the city of culture and fashion, which served as the best start for this luxurious clothing line. Kamoni Chandler, a member of the musical group ASAP Mob first found its base in 2011.

Later on, ASAP Bari AKA Jabari Shelton who is a well-known entrepreneur and fashion designer becomes a part of this brand. Playboy Carti, ASAP K, and Ian Connor also joined this power team. As a result, Vlone was launched as a combined enterprise of this group of popular and well-known members.

The rise of Vlone brand

Key members of Vlone listed as Edison Chen, ASAP Bari, and ASAP Rocky worked with great enthusiasm and devoted their time to taking this brand to its peak. Vlone got huge awareness and acknowledgment in the fashion world in 2013.

Ian Connor and ASAP Mob self-promoted their brand by wearing it. Whereas, ASAP rocky also played a crucial role in bringing this brand under the limelight during the initial brand campaign days.

In 2016, Vlone brand made a huge success in hip-hop culture as a result of interaction with youngsters through visible media. Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Gunna, and AJ Tracey, the known media personalities also supported Vlone in this journey of rising. The leading artist also played a vital role in introducing this clothing merch in music videos, interviews, and fashion shows. Playboy Carti wore this merch item in one of his music videos “what”. This also brings lots of fame to Vlone streetwear clothing brand. Another striking step that was made by the Vlone officials was displaying and exhibiting Vlone hats, Vlone accessories, Vlone denim, Vlone hoodies, and Vlone tees at Paris fashion week.

This step proved to be the fate changing and helped a lot in establishing Vlone as a zealous label in the fashion world.

What is Vlone?

What is Vlone? Vlone is not just a luxurious brand, it is true dedication, a lifestyle that has its roots in Harlem city. Its legendary link to the Harlem era is the reason why people love and adore this high-end brand. This brand carries Harlem swag and promotes its culture of art and fashion.

The message behind the Vlone slogan

Vlone logo is creatively designed and stands high and alone in the crowd. Love alone, die alone is the particular tagline of Vlone clothing store and it is greatly inspired by the known American rapper space ghost. This very dark theme slogan of Vlone stands alone in the crowd as it is based on facts. To be more precise, this slogan is related to the interesting movie Donnie Darko.

The Vlone slogan was inspired by one of the dialogues “Every living creature dies alone”. This very dialogue made into the unique slogan of Vlone streetwear brand. It is factual as we all are going to die alone regardless of how many family members and loved ones we got.

The friendship and loved ones we got is just a vision and the truth is we all are alone. This is what is symbolized by Vlone slogan. And now this logo is part of Vlone hoodies, shirts, sweatshirts, and many other clothing items.

The V logo

The V logo of Vlone is featured on all of its items in different ways. This logo is creatively designed on all the different products. Some of the merch products are styled by printing a simple V logo while some items are styled by printing this logo in unique ways. This Vlone logo is the etymology of its dark theme which portrays the fact that we all live alone and we all die alone.

The idea behind Vlone Friends

Vlone clothing line also features Vlone friends logo in its various products including shirts, hoodies, and many others. This idea is explained by the favorite of many ASAP Bari that the minus after friends logo means zero.

It collectively means zero friends. And this depicts the dark theme of Vlone logo which stands for alone. This featured design of Vlone friends has been greatly loved and adored by millions of Vlone lovers.

Successful collaborations of Vlone

Vlone has made many successful collaborations with other high-profile brands one of which was a collaboration with Off-White. The collaboration of Vlone with these Italian fashion labels takes this brand to next level.

Another successful collaboration made by Vlone was with the Nike brand. Since Vlone is a pure New York brand so it was thought to be the best fit for their Nike Air force 1 sneaker. The Vlone x Nike air force 1 was then exhibited at New York Fashion week held on 116 Harlem street.

Vlone merch items

The clothing items of Vlone are quite popular and sold worldwide. Vlone merch items include hoodies, shirts, bomber jackets, and some other accessories like masks, shoes, and hats. Vlone streetwear clothing brand brings you a paradise of high-quality merch items at a very affordable rate. All the different types of merch items are available in a huge variety I.e. in so many designs, colors, and sizes. so check out the official Vlone merch to get any of your desired items in whatever color you like.

Author Frank Smith